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Date & Time:
Friday, July 21st, 2017, 9:30 pm
Bethel Food Truck Friday ( Venue Info )
Band Members
Sharon Husted
- Lead Singer
Dave Houlbrooke
- Lead Guitar
George Miller
- Bass Guitar
Bruce Tibbitts
- Lead Guitar & Vocals
Corky Ballard
- Keyboard
Butch Raymond
- Drums
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Shoo Fly Blues, live blues music based out of Danbury, Connecticut.

Sharon Husted - Lead Singer

Sharon has been singing since she was five years old, when she learned to sing "Girl From Ipanema" with her father, a seasoned jazz pianist. Her love of jazz standards and swing began in high school, but it wasn't until after college that Sharon branched out professionally, working extensively with her father Ed, as well as numerous local bands. After a hiatus from the wedding circuit, Sharon migrated toward the blues a few years ago, and has been working since then to bring the intensity of the music of Etta James, and other notables, to the stages of Connecticut. At the summer 2002 Hudson Jazz Festival, Sharon's performance of "Ball and Chain," a song that Janis Joplin made famous, was so impressive that she was asked to audition for the Off-Broadway production Love, Janis.

Dave Houlbrooke - Lead Guitar

Having spent years playing American-influenced music around the pubs and clubs in the west of England, "English Dave" moved to the US nine years ago. Ironically, the first band he played with here in the States was playing cover tunes of English bands! Shoo Fly Blues now gives Dave the chance to get back to his roots "playin' the blues." His is the brain behind the repertoire, which shows his talents lie not just in playing, but also in seeking out a wonderful selection of material that suits the entire band.

George Miller - Bass Guitar

George Miller provides the low-down groove of The Shoo Fly Blues. George has been part of the local music scene for over 30 years, and was a founding member of the bands Goodhill and Blessings. During his musical career, he has recorded for Mercury and ABC records, as well as radio and TV commercials.

Bruce Tibbitts - Lead Guitar & Vocal

Former Casablanca recording artist Bruce Tibbitts studied piano and drums at an early age playing his first "pro" gig at 13. Bruce eventually switched to guitar and has toured with many bands over the years including The Uncalled Four, Skyhill, The Edge, Fast Idle, and Jamnesia. Bruce was the founding father and host of the widely acclaimed Blues Jam Night at Blues Alley. As a session artist he has performed on many recordings for local and national artists including Billy Joel.

Cork Ballard - Keyboard & Vocals

Former Atlantic Records recording artist, Corky Ballard, began his musical career studying trombone at the age of 7. After moving to Newtown, Ct he saw his first live band, The Uncalled Four, and knew that was what he wanted to do. Corky eventually formed Panacea that went on to win the Connecticut State Battle of the Bands. He has toured Europe with the Concordia Wind Ensemble from the Boston Conservatory. He also toured with New York based Emily Band and recorded albums with Voices (Atlantic Records) Cinema (Tunnel Records) and 3 bluegrass albums with world renown banjo player, Roger Sprung (Showcase Records). He has shared the stage with The Temptations, Steppenwolf, Hermans Hermits, Nantucket, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and David Steinberg.

Butch Raymond - Drums

Butch "Bam Bam" Raymond, also known as the "Old Man On the Cans", began playing the drums at the age of seven. He studied with Eddie Kane and Drew Grouse. He has played on an off with Bob and Bruce for many years, including the Edge on Casablanca Records and later with Jamnesia. Over the decades he has played with The Vandells, Perk & the Flames, Omnis, Cold War Babies, Lucky, Featherbed Construction Company, Cheeba, The Blue Beats, The Shrdlu Band, to name a few. He enjoys playing funk and High Energy Music.

Previous Band Members
Bob Fink - Keyboards
Benny Cerretta - Drums
Lennny S - Keyboard
Johnny Z - Bass Guitar
Frank Munzenmayer - Harmonic & Vocal
Bob Stacy - Guitar & Vocal
Alex Pazsak III - Drums & Vocal
Roger Post - Drums